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Let’s help each other make our world a kinder and better place to live for everyone

We, Mobile4Charity, are one of the emerging charities in Brisbane helping raise funds for people in need by repairing and recycling mobile phones. Since our company’s incorporation, we have repurposed thousands of mobile phones that were donated to us by people across Australia. We receive phone via mails or collect them ourselves to repair and sell at reasonable prices. The money generated by these phones is used for the betterment of people. Earth is already cluttered with plastic, metal, organic, paper and various other types of wastes, making it our responsibility to recycle and reuse electronics that take years to degrade. Mobile phones have multiple parts made with metals, plastics, carbons etc. Thus, they can pollute the planet and make it less sustainable for future generations. So, if you haven’t donated phones yet, start now!

Our Mission

We are driven by the goal to help communities and mother earth by recycling one mobile at a time. You can be a part of our initiative of making our planet a better place for our current & future generations.

Our Vision

Our aim is to recycle mobiles not only in Brisbane but from other parts of the country as well. We are constantly at work to expand our reach to mobile users and ensure more devices get recycled.

Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

Healthy Food

Thousands of people in Brisbane don’t have access to healthy food and many rely on junk to satiate their hunger. It is not nutritious which is why when you donate mobile phones, we resell them to generate funds to buy good food and drinks.

Clean Water

With the funds we raise by selling repaired mobile phones for charity, our organisation provides safe and clean drinking water to communities in remote areas. Although in the city getting clean water is not a major requirement, but in several rural areas it is a problem.

Medical Treatment

Often poor and disabled people are unable to get the medical help because they lack funds. Additionally, they are unable to buy medicines or get supplies for treatment. Therefore, we help them get the require assistance.

What is MobileMuster?

Helping People and the Planet – One Mobile Phone at a Time

MobileMuster is a national mobile recycling program managed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association. Recycling mobile phones is crucial for Australia and the country’s residents are among the top users of technology in the world. Every year, Australians produce over 25kg of electronic waste which is a lot. The prime aim of this program is to prevent mobile phones from getting sent to landfills and recycle them in the safest, securest, and most ethical way.

  • Here are the commitments made by the association.

  • Increasing the efficient use of resources

  • Making sure the collected phones are recycled by the highest standards

  • Decreasing e-waste throughout the product life cycles

  • Proper management of manufacturing resources and disposal

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