Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

What Do Mobile Phones Contain And How Are They Recycled?

Reusing and repurposing mobile handsets and their accessories are crucial for preventing them from landfills and saving precious materials. Mobile phones are made with various precious materials that require expensive and laborious extraction. Therefore, it is crucial you use handsets…

What is MobileMuster and Why You Should Know About It?

According to the department of Agriculture , Water and the Environment, more than 25kg of electronic waste is produced by Australians every year. Therefore a programme was introduced by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association as they end up in landfills…

4 Simple Ways To Dispose of Old Mobile Phones

How to dispose of old mobile phones responsibility is a question most users have in the back of their minds. For many finding the solution to this question is a priority. If you are among them, then its good because…

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