In today’s age everyone has mobile phones and with the devices being mass produced, the waste produced due to them is large scale as well. Every year more than twenty thousand kilos of electronic waste is produced by Australians. Our country is among the highest users of technologies, which is why recycling is the need of the hour. As a mobile phone user, it is essential you understand the impact your device has the planet and how it can be used to provide for people in need rather than being a depreciating asset. Here are some major benefits of recycling mobile phones everyone should know.

Mobiles Are Hazardous Waste

Devices that are not recycled often end up in landfill where chemicals from them leach into ground water systems. Phones contain toxic materials that can have dangerous effects on the environment and the health of people if they are not disposed of or repurposed correctly.

Electronic Waste is Everyone’s Problem

E-waste is not a problem for developed nations with technological advancement but for developing nations as well. It is because many times the waste is sent to these areas for processing. The waste is sometimes burned or processed inadequately putting site workers, nearby communities, and the environment at risk of exposure to toxic emissions.

Helps Reduce Need for Sourcing Materials

Modern mobile phones contain various materials that are expensive to mine or manufacture. By recycling these items, we can reduce the requirement for these materials like gold, beryllium, tantalum, coltan, etc. Many metals used in mobile phones are scarcely available which is why recycling is crucial to avoid waste of precious resources.

You can Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Old phones in drawers, cabinets, and other storage units can take space and clutter your home. By sending your phones for recycling, you can get rid of clutter. Keeping old phones is dangerous as they can leak chemicals. Plus, keeping old phones in homes is a waste of precious metals.

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