If you are interested in disposing your phone responsibly, then there are various ways you can do it. Besides giving your phone to a family member/friend or selling it online, you can recycle it by donating to our charity. We are open to receiving phones that are functional or non-functional as they can be reused for raising money for communities in need and reduce electronic waste too.

Considering sending your phone for recycling? If possible, please do the following things.

  • Erase any contact numbers, photos, messages, emails, and other personal information on the device. Transfer required data to your new mobile phone, an online storage, or another electronic device. Delete whatever information you don’t need.

  • Remove passwords, passcodes, patterns, finger scanner, face scanner and other forms of protections. Factory reset your device before sending it for recycling.

  • Remove any sim cards in the slots. Check your phone thoroughly for network sim cards especially one with more than one slots. Sim cards are essential for having a phone network in your phone but when you send it for recycling they are not required.

  • Charge your device completely.

To recycle your phone, you can either arrange for a pick up by getting in touch with our representatives who will send a volunteer to collect the device. You can also mail the device via Australian Post to our address with required documentation for verification. Lastly, you can personally drop the device at our registered office in Brisbane.

Whatever mobile devices are received by us, we make sure they are valued and used for generating funds for people who go without food, shelter and other basic amenities. Since the incorporation of our charity, we have helped several communities who can benefit from all the help they can get.

We pride ourselves at being able to recycle mobile phones not just for helping people in need, but also contribute to saving the planet. Thus, ensuring these toxic devices don’t end-up in landfills where they can leach chemicals into groundwater systems and pollute earth’s natural resources.

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