What Do Mobile Phones Contain And How Are They Recycled?

What Do Mobile Phones Contain And How Are They Recycled?

Reusing and repurposing mobile handsets and their accessories are crucial for preventing them from landfills and saving precious materials. Mobile phones are made with various precious materials that require expensive and laborious extraction. Therefore, it is crucial you use handsets until they are in good condition and later send them for recycling when they have served their purpose. Here is your complete guide to help you know what mobile phones contain and how they are recycled.


What are mobile phones made of? Various metals are used for making components of mobile phones works and several of them are precious metals. The circuit boards have gold, silver and platinum which are good conductors of electricity. In addition to these expensive and hard to extract metals, mobile phones have nickel, palladium, aluminium, lithium, lead, zinc, beryllium, and much more.


Batteries of mobile phones are useful commodities as well because they contain copper and a rare element like cadmium. According to experts, up to 80% of mobile phones can be completely reused even if they are not in complete functional state.


How are Mobile Phones Recycled? Due to various online platforms, charities, and programmes it is easier than ever to get your mobile phones recycled. Here are some ways they are reused or repurposed.
⦁ Handed-down to a family member or friend – One of the best ways to ensure your old mobile phone is recycled is to give to someone who can use it. It is a great option when you buy a new phone and your old one is functioning optimally.
⦁ Give it to a charity – Another way to recycle functioning or non-functioning handsets is to give them to a charity. There it can be put to good use for helping people in need.
⦁ Resell it online – If you have a new phone and you want to sell the previous one, various online platforms provide this service. You can fill details of your mobile, verify you are the owner and sell it at its current market value.



Mobile phones are among the most widely used devices on the planet as each and every individual has them today. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to know what they contain and how they contribute to electronic waste. So, refer to this guide to understand what materials are used for manufacturing mobile phones and how they are recycled to reduce electronic waste.

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