What is MobileMuster and Why You Should Know About It?

What is MobileMuster and Why You Should Know About It?

According to the department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, more than 25kg of electronic waste is produced by Australians every year. Therefore a programme was introduced by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association as they end up in landfills where they each harmful chemicals into groundwater systems. To ensure phones are kept out of landfills and recycled in a safe, secure, and ethical manner, MobileMuster Programme was launched. Its aim is to help individuals and corporations reduce e-waste for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water & energy, save natural resources and prevent leaking of potentially hazardous materials in the environment.


Who are members of MobileMuster?Since the programme aims that reducing waste produced by mobile phones, its members include big manufacturing corporations like Apple, Samsung HMD, Oppo, Motorolla, Vigo Mobile Australia, and many others.


Additionally, other members of MobileMuster are network carriers like Optus, Telstra and TPG Telecom and accessory maker and distributor Cellnet Australia.


How Does Recycling Work Under The Programme?The members willingly provide funds for collection, promotion, and recycling of handsets and other components like chargers, batteries, modems, smart watches etc. A free recycling service is offered by MobileMuster to help make it easy for old phones to be repurposed at workplaces, retailers, schools, and local councils. Under the program, mobile phones and accessories of all brands are accepted. The goals while recycling are to promote usage of handsets in good condition and use the materials/parts of sets that cannot be used. It is necessary to reduce electronic waste and save the planet.


MobileMuster has more than 3,500 public drop-off points across Brisbane and other parts of Australia. What’s more, people can mail phones via post. Since the introduction of the programme over fifteen million handsets and batteries have been collected and recycled. Additionally, it has helped prevent about 1,600 tonnes of mobiles and accessories from landfills and maintained a recovery rate of 98%.


The Bottom Line

MobileMuster is a mobile handset and accessories recycling programme that has helped the Australian Government recycle them and reduce electronic waste. Therefore, as a mobile user it is essential you know the programme and can dispose of your old sets responsibly.

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